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4x12 Recto® Standard OS Straight Cabinet

When it comes to 4x12 cabinets, we offer a choice of two distinct and different sounding/sized quad boxes: our legendary oversized Rectifier® STANDARD and TRADITIONAL Cabinets.

The STANDARD Rectifier® 4x12 is THE “oversized” 4x12 by which other quad-box cabinets are judged. It was designed to be the perfect companion to the high gain revolution created by the Dual and Triple Rectifiers®, providing thundering low-end punch and resonance which is perfectly tuned with the smooth, tailored midrange and articulate, clear high-end. This is our most popular 4x12 cabinet and an icon in heavy music, used on more hit recordings than we could list here. MASSIVE SOUND!

Some players prefer the STRAIGHT-style cabinets with all speakers attached to a one-piece baffle and all facing the same direction, effectively ‘coupled’ for maximum punch and frontal projection. Other players prefer SLANT-style Recto 4x12 Cabinets, which offers a ‘monitor’ effect due to the top speakers sloping up toward your ears. This can be a benefit when playing live. Regardless of Slant or Straight, if you are playing a Recto 4x12, your tone has authority, clarity and detail that only MESA® Traditional or Standard 4x12 Rectifier Cabinets deliver.

You simply won’t find a better cabinet. ALL MESA® ENCLOSURES are made using the finest Void-free, Marine Grade Baltic Birch. Super strong rabbet corners are glued and nailed. Speaker baffles are fitted with superior dado joint construction and braced. Grilles are wrapped around a separate grille board, not the baffle board. Grille material is made of strong twisted jute dipped in a special coating that filters top end for a sweeter response.


Herstellungsort Petaluma, CA USA with the World's Finest Materials
Material Marine Grade -  Baltische Birke
Standard Finish Black Taurus or Black Bronco Vinyl, Black Jute Grille, Black Handle & Corners
Custom Finish-Optionen Siehe Custom Finish Gallery

Features und Specs

Style/Type Closed Back (sealed)
Lautsprecher und Position Celestion Vintage 30s / Rear Mounted
Ausgangsleistung 240 Watts
Mono or Mono + Stereo Input Mono + Stereo
Cabinet Impedance 8 Ohm Mono / 4 Ohm Stereo
Casters Included - Track-Loc™ Removable Casters
Additional Features Paralleled Mono Output


Slip Cover im Lieferumfang Im Lieferumfang -  passendes Slip Cover

Gewichte und Abmessungen

Gewicht 106 Lbs.
Höhe ( inches) 32 7/8"
Breite (inches) 30 1/8"
Tiefe (inches) 14 1/4"

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